My Baby is More Than Two Weeks Old. Is It Too Late For Newborn Photos?

Your Health Comes First

My baby is more than two weeks old. Is it too late for newborn photos? We may not be able to photograph newborns within the preferred two-week window for a number of reasons. Mommy’s and baby’s health are always top priority, and sometimes one or both may need a bit more time in the hospital. Extra time in the hospital might be necessary for babies who are born premature, or moms that have experienced complications.

COVID Precautions

COVID has also been a leading factor in delayed newborn sessions from shutdowns to (understandably!) nervous parents. Please know we understand and respect all of your concerns, and take every possible step to ensure your family’s safety; from sanitizing the studio before and after every client, laundering absolutely everything used during a session, regularly sanitizing our hands and wearing masks, and yes, we do ask clients to temp check, mask up and sanitize or wash their hands upon entering the studio.

What Can We Expect?

All of that said, if you find your are outside the recommended two week window, rest assured a newborn session is still possible! We always take the time to clarify expectations with parents before booking their session. I treat every older newborn the same as I would a one week old, and then baby lets me know what they do and do not like.

Each session is up to baby. I have had a 3 month old baby whisk through her “newborn” session like a dream, sleeping through the whole session. I have also photographed a 3 week old who was wide awake for every single image. Mom, dad, and I were thoroughly amused, and I captured some gorgeous wide-eyed images! While we may not capture every kind of pose (advanced poses and blanket poses usually require babies to be in a deep sleep), but we can still be sure to capture a beautiful gallery to choose from.

Reserve Your Session

You will be amazed how much your newborn will grow and change each week! I do recommend you contact us as soon as possible to be sure we capture their tininess. Newborn photographers are usually booked months in advance so session availability can be limited.

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