Let's slow down, connect, and capture the magic together.

Because in the end, it's the memories we hold dear that truly matter.

Passion and Purpose:
I am an emotions-driven person. When I am with my clients, I put myself into their shoes with all of my experience as a wife and mother. I capture all of the details that I miss the most about my own sweet babies.
I play and talk with their kiddos like my own to catch their glittering eyes, their boisterous laughter, their mischievous little grins - everything that makes them who they are in this moment. The moments parents themselves don't even know they are going to miss yet.

When you visit, you can see pictures of my own littles on the wall, with faces still sticky and dirt-smudged from popsicles and summer. When I create, I want you to relive your beautiful and unique story.

Warmth and Comfort:
Clients often describe me as warm, friendly, and easy to talk to. I believe in creating a relaxed environment where genuine moments can naturally unfold.

Artistic Expression:
My photography is not just about taking pictures; it's about crafting art that speaks to the soul. I infuse each image with emotion and connection, using deep, bold colors to tell stories that are both rich and authentic.

Authentic Connection:
I value authenticity above all else. I don't just capture smiles; I capture the heart and soul of each person, creating timeless images that reflect the true personalities of my clients.

Your Experience Matters:
When you choose to work with me, you're not just investing in beautiful images; you're investing in an experience that will leave a lasting impact. From our first conversation to the final reveal, I'm dedicated to creating an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, love, and cherished moments.

My name is Johanna White, and I'm not just a photographer- I'm a storyteller, an emotion-catcher, and a memory-maker. 

A little about me

Johanna took pictures of our son at newborn and 6 months! The pictures are unbelievable, breathtaking! I am obsessed! She was so gentle with our son and so easy to talk to! She made us feel like family! 10/10 will recommend her! 

- Alexa Miles


- Megan Newman

They turned out so great! I really am floored. They are so beautiful. Such wonderful heirlooms that I'll be excited to pass down to them when they are grown. You can't even tell how crazy the kids were being, they look like little angels in the photos.

Such wonderful heirlooms!

- Isa Martinez

Her work was AMAZING. Everything we were looking for our newborn photos. The pictures were delivered on a timely matter which has always been a problem I've had with previous photographers. Now we can't wait for our next family photos. ❤️


- Caitlynn Bybee

My experience here was absolutely amazing, During the session she makes you feel very welcomed. Once I received my photos I was completely shocked with how amazing they had turned out. Johanna went above and beyond and I can’t thank her enough!

Absolutely Amazing!

- Laura Perez

The best photographer! Thank you for always capturing beautiful photos of my family 

You're very patient and passionate at what you do and it truly shows! We have definitely found our life long family photographer.

The Best Photographer!

- Ivana Paul

Johanna is fantastic! She did my maternity and newborn photos.
During my maternity shoot, she made me feel very comfortable. She has a whole set up of beautiful gowns and has wonderful suggestions. We opted for some family/maternity shots with my 5 and 3 year old. She was extremely patient and thorough.


- Kristy Cote

Johanna is an absolute gem! Her pictures are gorgeous and she is so great at directing if you're not a regular super model. We were completely impressed with her expertise and professionalism. 

An Absolute Gem!

- Jamie Singley

Photography at its finest. Johanna did maternity and 3 month photos for us and they are pieces that we will treasure forever.
She's incredibly creative and high energy. Photoshoots are fun with her
and you will love the final results! 

Thank you!

- Jennifer Serra

There definitely
needs to be a sense of “ommm” when dealing with our babies. She knows all the little tricks to get the best shots and gently takes care of Mama and baby - making sure comfort and patience is priority!

Amazing Experience!

- Valeria Andrade

Johanna took our pictures for the DFW Portraits for Heroes and I just want to say thank you for participating! Our family is beyond grateful for your time and magnificent work. Not only did you do a fascinating job but what made this experience special for us was that you took the time to ask about our family. Our son has ASD and you handled it perfectly! Thank you for your time and patience.Just an enormous THANK YOU Johanna!

Thank You!

- Makenna Moros

I am a mother of 4 beautiful babies- but I only get to hold two earth-side. My most valued possessions are the handprints/casts and the photos of my babies. Johanna was able to help us celebrate the arrival of our son while also memorializing the boys no longer here with us.
Photos hold such a special place in my heart and she captured our family beautifully. Even with a chaotic 2 year old she was able to photograph our daughter's smile, which is definitely difficult in this current season of life. If you are looking for creative and fresh set-ups and posing and beautifully edited photos that will make even the most haggard and tired post-partum mother of 2under2 look fresh and rested- then look no further. 

Highly Recommend

- Laura Mawire

I did my maternity photos with Johanna and I couldn't be HAPPIER!
Johanna is an absolute pro!
She guided every pose with precision; She knew exactly what angle to capture, and was super efficient. We finished my outdoor shoot in such a timely manner on a warm summer evening - before my 5 year old began to fuss and lose patience. Thanks a MILLION, Johanna! 

Thanks a million!