Texas-Themed Cake Smash

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A cake smash and splash has become a fun tradition for baby’s first birthday in so many families! Check out this fun Texas-Themed Cake Smash and Splash for adorable inspo!

Your baby’s Cake Smash session starts with family photos, followed by just baby photos. We love showing their unique personality & how much your baby has grown since their newborn session! It’s also fun to see family photos from newborn to 1 Year side-by-side. A big plus is that this helps your baby feel safe and familiar with their birthday setup and being photographed before becoming the big star of the show on their own.

Texas-Themed Cake Smash

Cowprint Cowboy First Birthday Cake Smash
There’s a new sheriff in town!

Who doesn’t love a good Cake Smash? These are always so much fun and full of laughter. I always encourage clients to give their baby a mini cupcake in advance if they have never had one. You’d be surprised what a shock to them it can be! The texture and sugar rush can be overwhelming as they’re still experiencing things for the first time. While sometimes their first reactions can be downright hilarious, other babies will flat out refuse to eat or touch the cake (who knew??).

Another tip is to bring one of your baby’s favorite snacks that they are familiar with to stick in the cake (well-hidden of course) in case they are still hesitant. Some options might include Cheerios, Veggie Straws, Goldfish, Puffs, etc.

Still, some babies will have texture sensitivities. In this case, we stock adorable, timeless wooden spoons to help babies enjoy their cake.

Texas-Themed Cake Splash

Baby cowboy in a wash basin bubble bath!

Arguably the favorite part of your baby’s session! Did you know that most of my clients’ babies prefer the splash portion of their session over the cake smash? (I know, I was surprised too.)

I make the splash portion so much fun (and it’s an easy way to get your baby cleaned up after all that frosting!). I make sure the water is comfortably warm, I have non-slip stickies on the bottom of the tub, and then we add in the bubble-blower! Your baby’s eyes will absolutely sparkle with delight.

Don’t worry about the mess. You get to head on home with a happy baby, and fun memories. I have fresh towels for your baby, and clean-up is all on me.

Book Your Own Custom Cake Smash

Take a look at some of my other adorable Cake Smash sessions in my Cake Smash portfolio or find more inspiration on my Cake Smash Pinterest Board. If you have questions or think a Texas-themed cake smash and splash (or any other custom session) is something your family would love, reach out on the Contact Us link and we can discuss all the details.

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