When Should I Book my Baby’s Newborn Session?

One of my client’s most frequently asked questions is, “When Should I Book my Baby’s Newborn Session?”. While there isn’t an exact answer, I generally recommend anytime between 13 weeks and the beginning of your second trimester. This gives you plenty of time to find the right fit, design something you’ll love, and ensure the photographer you love will have availability.

Find the Right Fit

Photographers have a wide range of styles, skill levels, costs, services and art offered. I always recommend beginning with a search of local photographers with a style that you love, and then interviewing each one to find the best fit. This doesn’t have to take a great deal of effort. A quick phone call with a short list of questions is likely all you’ll need to find the perfect fit.

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Design a Session You’ll Love

A big reason you will want to reserve your sessions early is to leave enough time to plan your session and ask all the important questions. We customize every detail of your session with you during our design consultation. Everything from our client closet full of couture gowns, wardrobe planning, location, styles, colors, props, backdrops, and art design. Many times I will special order gowns, props and fabrics to match what a client has envisioned, so I need to be sure there is sufficient time to for any special orders. I specialize in making your experience fun, easy and memorable.

Ensure Availability

Another main reason to reserve your session early is to ensure your dream photographer will have availability. Many photographers will be booked months in advance, and often have a limit on the number of newborn sessions they will accept each month. Newborn sessions are scheduled within 5-14 days old, but since they may arrive sooner or later than their anticipated due date, I leave room on our calendar to ensure enough flexibility to accommodate each of my clients.

When Should I Book my Baby’s Newborn Session?

What if my Baby is Already Here?

When should I book my baby’s newborn session if my baby is already here?If your baby is already here, just be sure to reach out to your photographer as soon as possible. We will still sometimes have availability due to babies arriving sooner or later than their due date. Additionally, if your newborn is older than 14 days, a newborn session may still be possible. Especially with the COVID pandemic, many parents were forced to schedule weeks and even months after their babies were born – but we can still capture beautiful images of your new baby.

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Reach Out!

Again, while do our very best to make every accommodation, to ensure the very best experience for you and your family, we recommend ideally reserving your session between 13 and 30 weeks. If you have any more questions about when you should book your baby’s newborn session, please call or contact us! I’d love to hear from you.

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